Access your own soul's power, cleanse and clear you energy centres (chakras) and reclaim your energy as your own. 

Soul Connection

Soul Connection was birthed in late 2020 by Molly Hayns and Lexie Wrightson, two experienced energy practitioners.  Both realised that at times, despite being in excellent health they often felt that their energy was being drained and exhausted on a regular basis. Together they created Soul Connection to allow you to reclaim your own soul power and welcome in the fresh new energies of the Unity Consciousness or 5D as we navigate the start of the Age of Aquarius.

Soul Connection allows you to access your own soul’s power, to cleanse and clear you energy centres (chakras) so that  you reclaim your energy as your own.  Working with a practioner you are guided through a process of calling back your power, cleansing and upgrading your energy centres (Chakras). This process prevents any negative drain on your energy so you are aware of your energy and emotions and no longer carry any ‘energetic baggage’.

As experienced energy practitioners (Reiki and Kinesiology), we began to realise that even if the two therapies were used to balance a client’s chakras, the client still required this undertaking at subsequent treatments.  We also became aware of clients who regularly felt drained of energy even when they were in good health and their sleep patterns were good. 

Lexie Wrightson Soul Connection

We undertook detailed research into the chakra system, its origins and uses by various healing modalities including their use in yoga and meditation.  We were guided during these studies through our guides and also through our intuition and channelled messages received via Lexie.  

We were guided to look at whether humans were intricately connected to a great ‘negative power source or matrix’ which rather than boosting energy, actually removed the energy from them and thrived on a person being unbalanced, stressed and in a place of mental darkness.  Our investigations show us that this ‘power source or matrix’ was not from a place of love and was not connected to Source (Creator, God, Goddess, whatever you wish to call the place of ultimate love).

We investigated the effective of removing oneself from the ‘negative power source/matrix’ and its effect on personal energy afterwards…… 
A few months later Soul Connection was born.


What are the effects of Soul Connection –
What can you experience after a Soul Connection experience?  

Through our studies we have noticed that our clients:

  • Have greater energy
  • Remain more balanced
  • Can remain objective and are no longer ‘trigger’ by events
  • Emotions are our own
  • Our energy is our own and we no longer feel drained.
  • Less mood swings
  • Grounded
  • Heightened intuition
  • A sense of being removed from the chaos of the planet

We still love chakras!!!

Whilst the chakra system is positive it can also draw in negative energies. People tend to hold their anxieties over their chakras, eg: heart and solar plexus. We do not believe that the chakra system should be pulling in negative energy that is having a negative impact. Empaths, for example, will notice how other people feel but they do not, and should not, carry this energy in their own bodies. As practitioners we are constantly ‘protecting’ our energy so we do not take on the energies of our clients, yet we were still being affected by it.  The Soul Connection process, removes the chakras ability to hold onto negative energies that do not belong to the person.

Once this aspect is removed their chakras are filled with pure white light of unity consciousness. This white light enables them to connect to their higher self and allows their soul to reconnect with source and not be blocked by negative energy.  This combines various techniques we have learnt through our training plus guidance channelled as the process was being created.