Light Language Transmission



Your personal light language transmission recorded via MP3 and emailed directly to you  ( within 2 working days) with your very own healing blend channelled by Lexie

Light language is a multi-dimensional, universal language of sound and light that generally contains vast amounts of information. It cannot be understood or translated by the human mind word for word as in our spoken languages.

The energy speaks telepathically with your soul or your higher self attuning to your unique frequency.

Therefore, you receive exactly what you need at any given time.

The vibrational tone and languages that flow through me during the personal transmissions generally change during the course of a healing session, fluctuating between spoken words, chants and song and sign.

The energy cleanses, heals and realigns your energy and physical bodies; it activates and recodes your DNA, resonating with your very being, awakening consciousness and raising the vibration of your energy field and naturally, improving your wellbeing and life potential and in many cases it realigns the person with their soul path on earth.

During healing sessions ancient earth languages are sometimes channelled to activate ancient remembering, past life wisdom and spiritual gifts.



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