New Moon January 2021

All is there, ready to be created.  As you step into this Age of Aquarius, as you help create new earth, we feel you.  Standing on a precipice looking out over the horizon and knowing that you need to help over the canyon to the land beyond.  We feel your anxiety and dread to step out  and leap into unchartered waters and your fear of falling into the abys beyond. Know this, we will catch you and you will not fall for we will give you wings to float over and a soft landing,

You do not realise that you have already made the jump and that which is before you is but a tiny step.  You are prepared and all that we ask is that you now trust and take the step forward. 

You will not fall, you will not fail.  We ask that you trust and believe.

You have already made the leap. You are already on the other side.  This is an illusion for it has already happened.  You stand on new earth.

Believe, trust we will walk with you and rejoice that you are here.  It is done.

Step out. You will not fall.

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