Stepping Into Your Highest Goldprint Timeline.

Spiritual Mentoring

You are a heart led leader, creating impact and serving many.

You have mostly likely had or currently be working with a business coach/mentor.

Yet something is missing.

You can’t always share the ‘odd’ the light codes you receive or aspect of the spiritual journey which leave you feeling alone or isolated because everyone expects you to have the knowledge or space to deal with this. There are times when we just want to speak to someone, be heard and know that they can help you without judgement.

Working with me will include.

  • Integrating energetic changes
  • Unpacking traumatic event or daily stressors which are pulling you off your sacred divine path.
  • A space which to speak, be listened to when you cannot share with you staff, business mentor or partner because they are not on the same path as you.
  • A deep understanding of holding soul space.
  • Heart to Heart connection
  • Comprehensive understanding of the current energies and the ascension timeline.
  • Understanding that are all on different trajectories and navigating as a spiritual leader can be a long lonely road, I walk beside you every step as you journey forward providing wisdom, guidance and helping you unlock shadow aspect, heart codes and step into the next level of your heart led leadership.
  • Creating personal rituals and ceremony for releasing.
  • Deep Soul healing work
  • Shadow work – it’s a constant and we learn to love and embrace it.
  • Pattern seer who can help you break patterns which are holding you back or creating blocks which can be moved through with grace.
  • Using our past life’s as priestesses, healers seers to guide our way forward in this lifetime
  • Creating a deeper connection to source, your heart and guiding you back onto your soul aligned path way.
  • Understanding of your birth chart mandala through goddess astrology.
  • Holding space as you journey deep into the underworld, to reassess your core and re-merge reborn.
  • Light language healing and upgrades.
  • Heart code activation so you can access lifetimes of knowledge to help you step into your true north for this lifetime.