It’s time to stand up and stand out

Channelled message from The Collective. A group of loving interdimensional beings whom wish to send us all love and guidance.

There is a plan, something more powerful than can be imagined. Something that shakes the very foundations of your institutions, something from which will rise the most wonderous age.

An age of light, expansion, unity where all will live together without violence, without the need to destroy, only the desire to create.

To create simple lives full of beauty . While you wait silently, patiently for your ‘ saviour’ know this. Your saviour is yourself, no other can help you move forward into the glorious life that you deserve.

It is time to take the seed of light which grows in you and nurture it.  It is time for that light to awaken from the darkness an it needs to shine.  We need you to shine and join others who hold the light.

These lights are like stars, like your airport landing strips that will guide the energy, helping each light to land and be spread by those who hold the light.

It is time,  it is time to stand out, to stand up and be counted. Time to share those lights, guiding love home. Hold that love close to you, share it with all, for only love can bring about a tranquil new earth.

 Love, we love you, the love of source is beyond human comprehension.  We send that love, hold on to it, weather those storms an create firm foundations from love.

Love and love alone will prevail.

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