Have you tried CALEB?

Have you tried CALEB?
As we journey on this rocky road that we call life, we are shifting and changing. Moving from an ego based life to our heart centre, heart led living, a deep loving connection to self and others.
This is where CALEB comes in. This my unique channelled heart connecting technique which I’d love to share with you. 
Take a moment, close your eyes and take a deep breath…
C: Connect – Place you hand on your heart and feel the connection. 
A: Allow – Allow this connection to grow stronger with every breathe. Drop deeply into your heart.
L: Listen – Listen to you heart, what does it have to say? Words, knowing, pictures, a sensation. Listen to it all. Spend as much time as you need, try and start with 3 minutes. Ask what action you need to take today? End with a word of thanks for the wisdom you have received.
E: Empowered Action – Take action from your heart words. Don’t just say ‘I’ll do it later’, take empowered action now.
B: Believe – Believe in yourself, your empowered action and believe in your heart.  Know the universe has your back.
Have a go! Enjoy and please let me know in the comments how you get on.
Don’t get disheartened at the first attempt if it feels like there is ‘nothing’. 
It’s a relationship, it needs nurturing and regular daily practice to become a habit and strengthen your connection.
Ps Did you know that the Name Caleb means ‘ WHOLEHEARTED’?

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