Goddess Astrology

As a Star Priestess Astrologer, I have trained with Stellar Mystery School under the guidance of incredibly gifted Priestess, Maria Jones.

The Stellar Mystery School, is devoted to these ancient feminine mysteries of astrology and alchemy. As the Goddess reawakens in our hearts and minds. She invites us to remember the stories.

She has written in the Stars, to reclaim the 12 Priestess Archetypes of the Silver Wheel so that we may come to know Ourselves and Her more intimately. She offers us Her gift of Astrology so that we may map our pathway of purpose and service as a new paradigm begins.

As a Star Sister Astrologer, I am able to put together your very unique birth chart that will show the exact placement of the planets, moon, sun, and other significant cosmic bodies within our solar system at the time that you were born.

The planets and stars and their placement within our cosmic sky are believed to hold an incredible influence over our daily lives.
The art of applying specific astrology within our birth chart will help us to uncover our:

  • Gifts and talents
  • repetitive negative patterns and cycles
  • Areas where healing is required in this lifetime.
  • Our past lives as priestesses/priests in service to goddess.
  • Strengths and perceived weaknesses in relationships with others as well as our relationship with ourselves
  • True purpose and direction in life

Ultimately, our birth chart mandala gives you a totally unique to your gives a perspective on your life and the path that we have trodden so far and the one that we are destined to follow into our future.

Soul Readings

If you feel that you don’t want a full Astrology reading and want a little guidance or want to tune deeper into our current energies. I also offer Soul Readings.

These are powerful readings that can help when we are at a crossroads or we feel overwhelmed by decisions or life in general.

During our time together I will access your soul’s current energy and using a mixture of Tarot and Oracle cards, messages from goddess and the ancestors. We will access your true potential and your soul’s calling.

Each reading is unique and can focus on your questions or be guided by the energy. Lexie is a natural born intuitive, channel and medium.

Appointments are 45 mins and via zoom and are available worldwide.