Full Moon March 2021

 Channelled on Full Moon 29th January

Sometimes it is difficult to accept that which is happening  as it is not your truth or that which resonates with your soul.

We understand the struggles of human life more than you can know, we are like you, battling so that the truth is shining through.  We say this, stand tall and stand in your truth, it is only when you do this you feel your heart sing.  It maybe the hardest choice that you ever make, to stand for what you believe in, what you see as the truth, the light and the way of love.

When it is darkest, when it feels like all is lost we stand by your side, whispering, encouraging, cheering  you on.  We are forever by your side, we are you and we are all part of the great light that shines.

We work with you, through you, we are your support when you need holding up.  When the standing becomes weary, we hold you.

Stand in your truth, you are each unquiet, you are each love, you are aspects of the divine.  You are all that is and will ever be.

Allow your Soul to sing, stand tall.


 For you are us and we are you. We are all love  

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