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Full Moon January 2021

Channelled on Full Moon 29th January

Listen, hear the rhythm, feel , breath and know. You have everything you need to succeed.  Listen, feel the earth’s energy, know what she is thinking, feeling, doing.  Hear her laughter, hear her cry, feel her move. Listen she is shouting to you, yet you are not still enough to hear the whispers of the wind.

Take the temperature each day, you have a unique guidance system within you.  Use this compass to direct your day, direct your energy.  Feel into the cycle of nature, the rhythm of life.  Become the earth, live with her and not against her.  
We are the guardians of the earth and we wish to share with you the glory of sitting in the peace and stillness, held by the mother, solid, firm, loved and held by mother earth.
Be still and listen, there is much to share with you, much energy to be exchanged and healing to be sent and received.  Live with her and not against her, live with the flow of energy.  Use your gift, that of inner knowing to guide you .  Sit, be still, we sit beside you.  We wish to share and welcome you with open arms 


 Beloved ones, you are held by Mother Earth. 
 Be love. 

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