Change, an ever constant state

Channelled message from The Collective. A group of loving interdimensional beings whom wish to send us all love and guidance

 Change is the great constant within the human life, and never has there been such a period of great change. In all the years that we have watched over humanity, never have we seen so many souls ready step up and serve their life purpose.

You have in many lifetimes seen change, change in the ways you work and live, changes that have made your lives easier, new ways of travel, of communicating, of working. All these changes are nothing compared those very changes you are here to help enact, changes to the very fabric of society, those that will rock the very foundations of life, shake the world as you know it to the very core. To allow you to rebuild Earth as it should be, a loving planet, harmonious and caring. A place without war, starvation, suppression and illness. We say this not to worry you or shock you but to encourage you to continue with your work to allow those changes to come to fruition.

The trail blazers are a little way ahead of you, streaking out their light as a pathway for you to follow. They have for decades being carving out the paths to help your journey. All we ask is that you are open to the possibility that there is more to life than those structures that have been put in place by man. To be born, educated, work, retire, pass back to spirit. Where is the joy, the delight in being alive, the delight of being at one with the divine and the divine being as one with you?

We lovingly encourage you to keep walking forward, to shine your light for others to follow, to embrace the changes that are coming and ride those waves with hope, love and optimism.
We stand beside you always, call on us when you need assistance for we willingly and loving will help. For you are us and we are you. All of us are part of the loving creatrix of the universe and come from a place of pure love,

Blessed one, shine on, light the path and travel the road of light and love.

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