A Message From The Collective

Welcome to my website and my brand new blog.  I hope you enjoy reading my musings and  channelings from ‘The Collective’  The Collective are a group of loving Interdimensional Beings who wish to share a message of love and hope all.   My blog will focus on their messages and help us navigate the twists and turns that our human life throws at us.

 A message from the Collective.

Welcome one and all.  We wish to assist you with love and encouragement, knowing that you are cared for and adored by us all.  We see nothing but love radiating from you, a love so powerful that you can move mountains.  We are delighted that we are able to share this love with you and our wish is to help you shine as a divine being.

Let us talk about life… human life on earth that is.

 Life is not supposed to be complicated then why do you make it so? It divides you and removes you away from the truth of all that is . A Truth if you have been taught to forget,  a truth veiled from you when you chose to come to this planet, yet it has always been hidden in plain Sight. 

You forget that you are divine and that we are here to remind you of that.

Your loving divine creator asks you to remember who you are, to break through the veil of amnesia placed when you arrived on earth, and to stand up, rise and shine.

 It is time to change.  Your known reality on this earth is drawing to a close and we lovingly ask you choose divine love and step forth into a new world. Full of wonder and high vibrational energies.

Divine creator has sent forth messengers before to tell you of the love of source and the Iam that I am.

This message has been diluted, placed on a pedestal created by  elaborate dramatic ceremony, when all you needed to do was acknowledged the Divine power in yourself and lovingly align yourself with Divine Creator,  the embodiment of love.

Cease making your lives complicated simplify them by knowing that seeing everything through the Eyes Of Love, renders the  fripperies and trappings of life which you do not need as exactly that. Stop, make room for kindness in your growth and expansion. 

Make your life a simpler life of love loving energy, joy and gratitude for all that is.  See your abundance increase and grow through love and gratitude

. You have the power,  Divine Creator’s  gift to you.  We ask you to realise that you too are a wonderful creator as you are also part of Source.  Know this  as the truth.

  Those who naysay, they are further away they choose to distance themselves from the love of Source Creator. 

That is their choice in this life.  This is your life  and you can choose love. Make life simple, be yourself, know that you are divine and that you and the Divine   are one

 We send you messages of love, light and hope.

The Collective and your loving Divine Creator

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